I felt so encouraged by support

I felt so encouraged by support

During a difficult period of my life I was searching for support, actually for help in deciding on life inside of me. At that time it wasn’t easy emotionally, I didn’t know what to do. One day I saw “Unplanned pregnancy” headline. I decided to message and tell them my story how I have a few months old daughter and I’m pregnant again, but not everyone from my surroundings support me.

I was looking for answers, I was looking what to do and I received them very quickly. Employees of the Crisis Pregnancy Center supported me and encouraged saying that there will be enough bread for one more little one. I felt so encouraged by support of your employees and after some time a new wonderful baby girl was born.

Through all this time you supported me very much helping with the clothes and diappers, when our girls needed. You have never forgotten me and you would always call me to check how I am doing, how my girls are doing, if we need anything. And now still you are looking after us. I am so happy I contacted you. I really want to thank you for probably without you everything would have happened differently…

I am thankful for all the minutes on the phone, for listening to me, for support to my children and for hope, that everything will be alright.

I hope in the future, when the better time will come, I will be able to help somebody the way you helped me.