You are my greatest achievement!

You are my greatest achievement!

Dare to be a dad!


The aim of the campaign is to encourage Lithuanian men to become fathers and support women who are pregnant with their babies.

A man’s reaction to a woman’s message about pregnancy often determines her emotional state and further action – to give birth or not to give birth. We think it is important to speak about that and to show as many examples as possible that fatherhood brings meaning and joy not only to mothers but also to fathers.

Becoming a father associates with a great responsibility. Quite often men are afraid to receive a message about a new life that to them it often means commitment, endless costs, but not joy or achievement. Sometimes a man even presses his woman to terminate pregnancy. But when they become fathers and are holding their baby in their hands, they often experience a great miracle and joy. Then they want to do more in their lives so that their child can be proud of their father. For them, the child seems to be the most meaningful and greatest achievement.