About us

Crisis Pregnancy Center is a non-governmental organization established to help women who are going through an unplanned, crisis pregnancy, the loss of a child due to miscarriage, premature birth, as well as to help women who are going through a difficult pregnancy termination or postpartum depression. The Crisis Pregnancy Center team consists of 6 permanent employees and more than 60 volunteers throughout Lithuania.

The organization aims to take care of women's mental health during crisis pregnancy and after childbirth. We care about both the woman's well-being and the new person's life.

The center's mission is to provide qualified continuous, comprehensive assistance to women experiencing various situations of crisis pregnancy, with the aim of empowering the woman to overcome the crisis.

The vision is the possibility of comprehensive assistance for every woman living in Lithuania who is experiencing a crisis pregnancy situation.

Crisis Pregnancy Center:

  • Provides free confidential assistance to women and couples during crisis pregnancy.

  • Provides continuous comprehensive assistance of various specialists to women and couples who are having an unplanned pregnancy and are facing difficulties as a result (material, financial, social, psychological, gynecological, legal, doula, geneticist).

  • Provides free assistance in case of abortion, loss of a child due to miscarriage or premature birth.

  • Provides psychological support to women experiencing postpartum depression.

  • Gives lectures to high school students about the development of human life, unplanned pregnancy, the consequences of abortion and responsible sexual relations.

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